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Providing Quality Health and Life Insurance to Florida Residents. The Right Coverage at Low Prices!

Small businesses, the self-employed and others, require Florida health insurance just like any large company or corporate employee, but the plans available are varied. Here at Florida Healthcare Insurance (FHI) we are familiar with the options and solutions in Florida . This includes major medical, PPO's, HSA, etc. To ensure that the self-employed find the best health plans for their needs, we've assembled small business health insurance plan information all in one place.

Attention Florida Residents!

You don't have to waste your time shopping around for low-rate health insurance and you don't have to sacrifice quality for price! Whether you're a small business, self-employed, an individual or a family, you've felt the pinch of rising health insurance costs. Don't be concerned, there is a health plan right for your needs and we will help find it for you.

The Highest Quality Health Insurance Coverage at the Best Value.
Florida Health Insurance has been in business for over a decade; we understand the importance of having quality health insurance. We cater to you with personalized service. Finding you the right health insurance plan is our primary focus. Leave the legwork finding health insurance to us. It's what we do well. And here's something you should know, because it's important. When we call you with results and quotes, you will be talking to an insurance expert with extensive experience in the field. You will not be called by someone who has no track record dealing with Florida health insurance and just got their license to sell.

Tell us what you need and we do the searching for you. Our personalized service doesn't end there, either! To keep you happy once your policy is in place, we keep reviewing it to make sure you're getting exactly what you need at the best possible price. Whether you reside in Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando, Naples, Tallahasee, or Jacksonville, we will assist you in your decision making process as you choose a Florida health insurance plan. We know which Florida health insurance plans work for different people and budgets.

After we help you find the right plan at the right price, Florida Healthcare Insurance offers ongoing support.

Whether you're a small business, self-employed, an individual or a family in Florida , you know what it's like to try to deal with rising health insurance costs. Good news! There is a health plan right for your needs and we will help find it for you. We cater to the self-employed who are looking for health insurance. Part of our job is evaluating different health plans to find the one that suits your needs to a "T".

We offer Major medical, individual Florida health insurance and plans for those who have been denied insurance from other large insurance companies. You should never have to compromise when it comes to quality health insurance - especially when there are so many options available.

Florida Small Businesses, Individuals and Self-Employed Have Options in Health Insurance Plans

We know you have a budget to adhere to while considering various insurance plans created specifically for the self-employed. We help small business owners find affordable, quality health insurance for their employees. Florida healthcare insurance is our specialty. Whether you're in Ft. Lauderdale, Orlando, Naples, Tallahassee, or Jacksonville we help you in your decision- making process, as you choose a health insurance plan. We know which Florida self employed health insurance plans work for different sized companies and budgets.

We don't just "do" Florida Health Insurance. We also do Florida Life Insurance; Life Insurance that Meets your Needs!

Buying life insurance is a major investment and we know that. We also know you hate to look around and find out there are so many options that you get confused. What you really want is someone who knows their business so well, that the minute you tell them what you need for Florida life insurance, they have the answers right at their fingertips.

At Florida Health Care Insurance, we "do" Florida life insurance the right way; the way that explains everything you need to know without any complex jargon. We comparison shop "for you" to find the most affordable Florida life insurance plan that fits into your budget - because we know that is important to you.

Even better news! You can do you application right online and work with an expert Florida life insurance broker rather than have someone come and sit in your living room. Dealing with insurance issues online is a much more relaxed way to make important decisions about your life insurance needs.

And another thing you will be pleased to know is that you will "only" be contacted by an experienced life insurance agent; someone who has been around the block more than a few times and is an old hand at sourcing the best life insurance for you. You will not be dealing with someone who just got their license recently.

And finally, one of the things you love to hate, medical exams and invasive tests. When we help you find Florida life insurance that suits your needs, we know you would rather not have to take a bunch of tests. Many of our clients have told us that and we listened.

If that has stopped you from getting life insurance in the past, we now have solution you will love. At Florida Health Care Insurance, we partnered with several carriers who write policies without demanding urine tests or other invasive tests. Now that ought to make your day. If you have any questions, email or call. We're here to help you.