Florida Individual and Family Health Insurance Choices

Florida Individual and Family Health Insurance

Don’t we all just wish for lower health insurance premiums? Sure we do, and at Florida Healthcare Insurance we help you find those lower Florida health insurance premiums, because we know where to shop for insurance quotes. This is one of the major advantages in dealing with us, aside from the fact that will know our market inside out and have answers to all your questions.

Yes, it’s true; we DO know the answers to all your health insurance questions. That’s what makes Florida Healthcare Insurance one of the best in the business for small businesses, individuals and others. The major thing we help you do is keep your health care costs under control and here is how we do that.

We offer you the most affordable health insurance plans, and those are the HMOs, PPOs and POS – Health Maintenance Organizations, Preferred Provider Organizations and Point of Service Plans.

With an HMO you would get health care for you and your family through a network of physicians and hospitals. This is usually the least expensive plan and means you pay a small co-pay for a visit to an HMO care clinic.

A PPO is a group system that was put together by an insurance company. What happens here is hospitals, clinics and doctors sign contracts with the PPO system to offer health care to PPO members. Again there is a small co-pay and a yearly deductible prior to the insurance company paying medical fees. PPOs usually pay roughly 80% of medical fees in the network.

A POS is quite similar to an HMO or PPO and you go ahead and choose a primary care doctor from a list. That doctor is then the person who looks after all your medical care. If you need a specialist, you will be referred to another doctor within the network. What is somewhat different about a POS is that their network of providers tends to be larger.