Florida Disability Insurance

Long Term Disability Insurance Florida

Disability insurance and Florida health insurance is really something you should seriously considered, even if you feel super healthy and in the prime of your life. Things happen that may cause disability, and long-term disability insurance has got your back and will help you live a better life. You need a way to be able to pay living expenses in the event that you are not able to work.

Just because you may have savings in the bank, never assume that there is enough there to cover you. The major reason for that is that costs tend to escalate over time, but savings don’t always keep pace with medical inflation, and while you may have substantial savings, they may not be enough. Having long-term disability in place is a smart move to ensure you don’t exhaust all your savings.

Long-term disability payments helps finance things like your child’s education, or for therapy that may allow you to return to active work duty. If you are able to pay these kinds of expenses with your long-term disability payments, then your savings don’t dwindle quite as fast.

Prior to buying long-term disability coverage, there are a few things that you need to check first. Find out if you are entitled to things like workers’ compensation or short-term injury insurance. If your employer does provide for coverage like this, you may find you have access to long-term disability through your workplace. If you’re not certain what to look for, just ask us, as we are happy to give you hand in understanding what type of pre-existing insurance you may have.

You may also have access to social service coverage that offers long-term disability insurance predicated on your age, years of service and your overall contribution to the system. It’s wise to know what other coverage you may be entitled to prior to buying a long-term disability package from an insurance broker. If you do have other types of long-term disability, this will help us focus on areas that are not covered, and how we may help you select what coverage you need to fill in the gaps.