What Type of Health Insurance Should I Choose?

Couple Choosing Type of Health Insurance

What types of health insurance does Florida Healthcare Insurance focus? And what type insurance do we recommend? Sometimes the perfect storm lines up and you’re faced with the daunting task of finding health insurance for you and/or your family. And the first question you might ask yourself is, “What type of health insurance should I […]

Individual Health Plans vs. Group Health Plans

Group vs Individual Plans

Just like with shoes, health insurance plans come in all shapes, sizes and qualities. While all shoes help you walk, all health insurance plans provide financial coverage for healthcare and medical expenses. So what is best — individual or Group Health Insurance? That’s where the similarities though stop. There are a slew of key differences […]

How To Spot Florida Health Insurance Scams

health insurance fraud

Like with any other industry, there can be the potential for fraud when it comes to health insurance. That’s because, with rising health care premiums and high deductibles, consumers may be vulnerable to getting what they think are healthcare “deals” when they are really scams. Here we will discuss how to spot Florida Health Insurance […]

Why Florida Healthcare Insurance

Why Florida Health Insurance

Florida Health Insurance will provide the customer service you are looking for so you are making the right decisions for health coverage and not the decisions that you will walk away questioning.  

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