How To Spot Florida Health Insurance Scams

How To Spot Florida Health Insurance Scams

Like with any other industry, there can be the potential for fraud when it comes to health insurance. That’s because, with rising health care premiums and high deductibles, consumers may be vulnerable to getting what they think are healthcare “deals” when they are really scams. Here we will discuss how to spot Florida Health Insurance Scams.

Here are a few examples of fraud to keep an eye on and avoid:

Medical Discount Plans

These types of plans often offer you money savings on items your insurance doesn’t cover. With it you pay a monthly fee and are supposed to get discounted services. In reality, most of these are probably scams and many of the doctors and services you utilize don’t participate in and/or don’t qualify for.

Weird and Suspicious Claims

We all probably get robocalls and sometimes real agents claiming to be part of the government asking for personal information. True government officials will never call you asking for information. These are all most likely phishing scams to get info out of you like your social security number. You may also see something similar via email that looks like an official government documentation. Don’t open it and if you do, don’t give them any of your info.

Health Sharing Ministries

Healthcare sharing ministries are an alternative and risky type of health coverage that is largely unregulated. These ministries collect monthly payments from members to cover healthcare costs incurred by other members but unlike typical health insurance are not held to the same coverage requirements under the Affordable Care Act, including having coverage for pre-existing conditions. While the plans were appealing to those looking for lower-cost options, there are many that have been duped by finding out after medical emergencies that the coverage they purchased wouldn’t pay for the medical expenses they incurred. That’s why it is extremely important to read all the fine print as what may look appealing may actually be no good for you.

We all know the importance of healthcare and health insurance for ourselves and our families and we all know the costs behind the insurance. Many of us can be vulnerable though and think they are getting something like a discount when in reality they are just getting scammed for additional money.

Don’t let an insurance broker try to push and sell you on immediate low rates. They are probably lying to you. Instead, utilize a reputable company like the team at Florida Healthcare Insurance. They won’t pressure you to act fast and will help you make the best decisions with the best outcomes.

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