The Advantages Of Using A Florida Medicare Broker

Florida Medicare Broker

If you are a Florida resident and typing “Medicare Broker near me” into your search engine without any luck, your search ends here! Florida Healthcare Insurance is here to provide you with the best advice and guidance. The Medicare process can be confusing and overwhelming, but rest easy! We’re here to make your process not […]

How Will The ACA Premiums Affect Health Insurance Subsidies for Florida Residents

Family with Health Insurance Subsidies

The Affordable Care Act offers subsidies to offset the cost of health insurance in the Marketplace. These subsidies cap how much new Marketplace individuals pay at a certain percent of their income. It works on a sliding scale; individuals with income just above the poverty level would receive the most generous of subsidies. For years, […]

Healthcare Savings Accounts Explained

2023 Updates for Health Savings Accounts

Healthcare has become a major expense for many individuals and families, especially during working years. It can become even more of an expense as those approach retirement. We believe it’s important to set funds aside for future healthcare costs. If you’re in the position to do so, a health savings account is a great solution. […]

Individual Health Plans vs. Group Health Plans

Group vs Individual Plans

Just like with shoes, health insurance plans come in all shapes, sizes and qualities. While all shoes help you walk, all health insurance plans provide financial coverage for healthcare and medical expenses. So what is best — individual or Group Health Insurance? That’s where the similarities though stop. There are a slew of key differences […]

How To Appeal A Rejected Health Insurance Claim

how to appeal an insurance claim denial

Has there ever been a time when you went for a medical procedure and later find out that your insurance won’t pay for it? It happens more times than you think. While you may be extremely frustrated and upset it doesn’t mean you should panic. You do have appeal options that can potentially reverse the […]

How To Spot Florida Health Insurance Scams

health insurance fraud

Like with any other industry, there can be the potential for fraud when it comes to health insurance. That’s because, with rising health care premiums and high deductibles, consumers may be vulnerable to getting what they think are healthcare “deals” when they are really scams. Here we will discuss how to spot Florida Health Insurance […]

Why Florida Healthcare Insurance

Why Florida Health Insurance

Florida Health Insurance will provide the customer service you are looking for so you are making the right decisions for health coverage and not the decisions that you will walk away questioning.  

How To Choose The Right Insurance For You In The State of Florida

Health insurance, while probably not the most exciting financial decision you will ever make, is one of the most important and shouldn’t be rushed as choosing the wrong coverage can be costly. The first thing you need to do is to determine the health insurance that is right for you. This will depend on a […]

Health Insurance 101: What To Consider When Choosing Your Health Coverage

Insurance Family

While it may feel overwhelming at times, choosing the right health insurance coverage for you and your family is very important. That’s because it will determine this coming year how much will come out of your pocket and what the insurance company will cover should you or your family member need medical treatments. So, what […]

Do I need health insurance to file taxes?

Taxes and Health Insurance

It’s a great and important question that we get asked a lot — and the short answer is…no. Before 2019, you in fact  did need health insurance (or a qualifying exemption) or you were subject to a penalty payable with your income tax return. If you remember it, it was called the “individual responsibility payment”. This used […]