Do I need health insurance to file taxes?

Taxes and Health Insurance

It’s a great and important question that we get asked a lot — and the short answer is…no. Before 2019, you in fact  did need health insurance (or a qualifying exemption) or you were subject to a penalty payable with your income tax return. If you remember it, it was called the “individual responsibility payment”. This used […]

Health Insurance Q&A

Health Insurance Q&A

We wanted to take a quick break from the weekly health insurance news to go chat a little bit about some health plans, what your plan will cover, the common questions, who are the people covered, and questions we receive the most. Here are your ten questions of Health Insurance Questions & Answers. I work […]

Health care reform has an ugly side that people need to be aware of

Healthcare REform

Healthcare reform is touted as being a good thing. However, the industry is offering products that are not beneficial to consumers. Many think healthcare reform will mean a healthier nation with more people getting access to health insurance. While that may be true to a certain extent, in reality, the insurance industry is beginning to […]

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