As Medicare Open Enrollment Approaches, Here Are Some Helpful FAQs

As Medicare Open Enrollment Approaches, Here Are Some Helpful FAQs

Medicare Open Enrollment Approaches

With Medicare Open Enrollment nearing the date of October 15th, we wanted to make sure to help those who are shopping or who are eligible for Medicare by answering the most frequently asked questions. Here are some helpful suggestions:

When can I initially enroll?  The Initial Enrollment Period is the period when you are turning 65 or first becoming Medicare Eligible that starts 3 months before the first month of eligibility, encompasses the first month of eligibility, and ends 3 months after that month.  It’s a 7-month period.

Can I change from a Medicare Advantage to a Medicare Supplement later on?  Yes, this is possible however, it will be subject to medical underwriting and approval.  

Can I change Part D plans?  Yes, during AEP individuals are allowed to change Part D plans.  Part of what we do at Florida Healthcare Insurance is get back with you the client and review your medications and advise from there what plan will make the most sense.

If I am on an employer plan, can I delay my Medicare Enrollment?  Yes, if you are covered by an employer group health plan due to active employment (not a retiree plan), you may delay enrolling in Part B.  When you do leave this plan, you will have a Special Election Period where you can get a guaranteed issue Medicare Supplement plan.  

I’m on Obamacare and don’t want to switch to Medicare can I stay on it?  Unfortunately, this is not allowed.  Once you are eligible for Medicare you must switch to that and disenroll yourself from Healthcare.Gov.

Is Medicare Mandatory?  No part of Medicare is mandatory, but if you choose to enroll in any part of Medicare after your Initial Enrollment Period, you could face financial penalties unless you qualify for a Special Enrollment Period with creditable employer coverage.

What’s the Difference Between a Medicare Advantage HMO and PPO? A Medicare Advantage HMO Plan usually helps pay only for care you receive from providers in the plan network.  A PPO plan will generally help pay for care received outside the plan network, but it may pay less than for the same care received within the network.

With over 20 years of experience in the health insurance industry and awards, we at FHI take pride in helping you make the best decision on what is right for you and your health needs. Ready to make changes to your Medicare plan or have any questions? Give us a call! We’re the number one health insurance agency in Coral Springs and Parkland!

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