Why You Should Look at HealthyKids For Your Children’s Health Insurance

A curious development in 2018 health insurance enrollment in Florida has seen Florida’ Healthy Kids program become a great option for parents.  What exactly is Healthy Kids?

Simply a program that allows children access to guaranteed issue insurance no matter the parents income.  If a parent’s income is under a certain threshold they may be eligible for discounted rates as well.

The Kid Care program costs $215 a month without dental or $230 with dental.  In the past these costs were more expensive than a child on their own plan with an AvMed or Florida Blue but that is not the case anymore.   Children ages 4-17 are eligible.

Evan Tunis, Owner of Florida Healthcare Insurance, “With rates being so astronomically high we were looking for solutions that could still provide value to our clients.  The Kid Care program does this.  It provides affordable insurance at affordable rates.”

For children under age 5 they are eligible for Medi-Kids.  Despite the stigma of Medicaid, the insurance is excellent and at $150 a month with no deductibles or copay.

For some families it makes sense to split up everyone to ultimately provide the family with better insurance.