Term Life Insurance vs. Whole Life Insurance — Which One is Right for You?

In shopping for life insurance inevitably the decision comes down to Term or Whole Life Insurance. But what exactly are the two and how do they work? Term Life Insurance, also known as pure life insurance, is a type of life insurance that guarantees payment of a stated death benefit if the covered person dies […]

Florida Life Insurance-Don’t Get Hung on the Details

Florida Life Insurance

Trying to figure out all the details of what you want for life insurance is guaranteed to cause a headache. That’s what an experience broker is for.  Here at FHI we strive to make sure that our clients understand Florida Life Insurance and don’t get hung up on the trivial details. The fact is that […]

Florida Term or Whole Life, Which Is Best?


Florida Term or Whole Life, Which Is Best? Searching for life insurance can be a major pain. You can lessen the anxiety by getting multiple quotes for various coverage options. Let’s say you want to buy whole life insurance. That’s a good decision by the way, and what you need to do next is to […]

Making Sure Life Insurance Proceeds Aren’t Taxed

Life Insurance Proceeds Not Taxed

There are ways to make sure life insurance proceeds don’t become a part of your estate. This is key as we want to make sure life insurance proceeds aren’t taxed. First of all, if you are in a position to buy additional life insurance, meaning more than what you currently have, not only will you […]

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