Short Term Health Insurance Florida

Short Term Health Insurance Florida

How do you know which health insurance to choose?

If you find yourself faced with the daunting task of finding health insurance for you and/or your family, we want to be the first company you call!

What is the difference between private health insurance coverage and other health insurance coverage from the Affordable Care Act (ACA)? Purchasing health coverage insurance is not only a major investment, but there are so many options and subsidies you may be qualified for that it’s easy for anyone to get confused.

Don’t stress — we are here for you!

Not to “toot our own horn”, but at Florida Healthcare Insurance, we pride ourselves in our 20+ years experience and fully trust our expert agents to help you find the best coverage at the most affordable price. We comparison shop to find the best insurance plan that fits into your budget — while receiving superior customer service.

So first things first — you live in Florida, and you need health insurance.

What kind of health insurance plan do you need and/or qualify for for you and/or your family? Today we’re focusing on Short-term Health Insurance and how it may benefit you and/or your family.

What Is Short-Term Health Insurance Exactly?

Short-term health coverage provides health coverage for a limited period, now between 30 days and 36 months.

Select insurance providers may offer short-term plans that offer coverage health insurance options for up to a year. Rather than being a long-term insurance solution, short-term plans can offer protection in times when you need it most. An important note about Short-term plans are that they are temporary coverage, issued by a licensed health insurance agent, with limited benefits and because they are not ACA-compliant, they don’t cover pre-existing conditions and are not guaranteed-issue. You need more than minimum essential coverage, and health insurance plans like this can provide essential health benefits and cover pre-existing conditions.

What Added Benefits Does Short Term Health Insurance Florida Offer?

Short-term plans can offer:

  • Affordable Rates
    • Compared to other health insurance plans, short-term insurance can have low, affordable premiums.
  • PPO Plans
    • Unlike the Affordable Care Act (Marketplace), Short-term plans (also called temporary health insurance) are usually PPO, which opens up your coverage span, especially if you are a travel nurse or a truck driver. You can rest easy knowing your insurance would be covered in even more locations than with an ACA plan.  
  • Fast Coverage Approval
    • Applicants are generally approved quickly and can receive proof of insurance fast, sometimes on the spot.
  • Flexible Terms
    • Individuals may choose Short-term plan coverage for any period from 30 days all the way up to 36 months.
  • Peace of Mind
    • Knowing that you and your family are covered during a gap or intermediate time with a short-term plan offers you a peace of mind.

If you’re considering a short-term insurance plan, the experts at Florida Healthcare Insurance can find the best coverage for you. Without the hassle of shopping for policies on your own, you can make sure that your health is consistently protected. Our seasoned agents have extensive experience in the world of insurance. They can help you determine if and when a short-term insurance plan is right for you.

Then, with comprehensive information about available short-term plans at their fingertips, our agents can track down the ideal policy for you. Our efficient, experience-backed process will save you the hassle of trying to find coverage alone. Want to learn more about short-term health insurance? Click here!

When Is Short-Term Insurance a Good Idea?

Healthy individuals might benefit from a short-term health plan that provides coverage at lower premiums if you are between plans, or if you are unable to apply for the Affordable Care Act because the Open Enrollment deadline passed. Short Term Health Insurance can provide coverage for preventive care, doctor visits, urgent care, emergency care, and even prescriptions. Plans can cover you for as little as one month or as long as three years! Great news — most Short Term plans use National Networks like United Healthcare and Aetna so you can be in-network wherever you go! 

STMI may be an ideal solution for you if you have a:

  • Change in Employment
    • If you’ve been laid off, lost your job, you are able to get coverage while in between jobs and employee benefits.
  • ACA Marketplace
    • If you have coverage through the Marketplace, you may be able to fill in the gap of our medical coverage with a short-term insurance plan.
  • Special Activities
    • If you need to show proof of insurance, a short-term plan may be a quick and affordable solution for you.
  • Coverage Before Medicare
    • If you are waiting for your Medicare coverage to begin and have a gap of benefits that leaves you uncovered, a short term plan can offer a great amount of protection for a limited amount of time.

What information do I need to get started?

Begin by gathering this information so it is available when you actually need it:

  • Social Security Number
  • Medicare number (this can be found on the white, red, and blue Medicare card)
  • Medicare plan enrollment
  • Other insurance plans and policy numbers, including long-term care insurance
  • Contact information for health care providers, such as nurses, doctors, pharmacies, hospitals, and medical suppliers
  • List of present prescription dosages and drugs
  • Current health symptoms, conditions, and treatments
  • History of previous health issues
  • Food restrictions or allergies
  • Emergency contacts, such as family, close friends, housing manager, or clergy
  • Legal and financial information


That’s why we’re here! We can help you determine if you’re paying too much for your Medicare coverage. Let us analyze your situation, free of charge and determine which options are available and best for you.

If you think a Short term health insurance Florida plan may be the right solution for you and/or your family, give us a call today! We are happy to speak with you about your health insurance needs and guarantee you the best coverage at the most affordable rates! Schedule a call now!

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