Self-Employed Health Insurance

Self-Employed Health Insurance

Finding health insurance when self-employed is not easy and Florida Healthcare Insurance understands that. They know about trying to find a health insurance plan that suits certain situations and budgets. Rest easy, at Florida Healthcare Insurance they not only know how to find the best plans, but are able to find the best prices as well. Now that’s peace of mind.

Florida small business health insurance policies are actually a lot easier to qualify for than individual health insurance. This is applicable even if people are not 100% healthy. A small business is a company with at least 2 employees, but not more than 50 (yes, one of them can be a spouse). Florida Healthcare Insurance handles the details to meet the circumstances.

There are certain eligibility requirements and one of them is that the company must have a legitimate business with legitimate employees. That means asking for business documentation, hours of work, place of work, name of employees, etc. People like the arrangement of having their own company health insurance for its many advantages and for the lower financial risks for plan members. The best part about this type of policy? Lower premiums and wider coverage for small business.

Worried about pricing? Don’t be, Florida Healthcare Insurance has that under control as well and shops all their major carriers to get the best prices. In general, the cost of Florida small business health insurance is based on a standard rate – meaning the average of the risk associated with each insured in the total group. Of course pre-existing medical conditions will make a difference in the rates, so be sure to discuss that with an agent.

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