Let’s Talk Short Term Medical Insurance

As premiums for ACA compliant plans have begun to rise clients have been seeking alternatives.  One of the better alternatives is short term medical insurance.

What is a short term medical plan?  Evan Tunis, Owner of Florida Healthcare Insurance explains, “Short term medical is designed to provide a stop gap for those in between jobs or those or only need major medical insurance for a specific period of time.”

Short term plans can run as little as one month to as long as 12 months.  The better carriers who provide this insurance are United Healthcare and National General(Aetna).  The plans are medically underwritten, do not cover pre-existing conditions, and usually just provide a discount for services such as doctor visits and medications.

Evan Tunis, “Short term medical plans depending on your situation can make sense.  In addition with the new administration likely eliminating the individual mandate the penalty is no longer a factor.”

If you are interested in a quote for short term medical please let us know.

Evan Tunis is with FloridaHealthcareInsurance.com, one of the  leading providers of Florida health insurance quotes. To learn more about Florida health insurance, visit http://www.floridahealthcareinsurance.com/ or call 561.637.8162.

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