Disability Plans May Prevent Financial Ruin

People need to know they have a constant income in the event of a disability affecting their job.

Everyone knows that the economy is in shambles and that just about everyone is squeaking by with the skin of their teeth. Unfortunately, the number of Americans who are in this wobbly boat is growing on a daily basis, with no end in sight within the foreseeable future. It’s times like this that workers relish the security of a constant income in the face of disability, and it is possible with planning.

In the event of a medical catastrophe, having disability insurance would provide some peace of mind that the bills are being paid. “While many have Florida health insurance to cover the incidental illnesses of life, if they are hurt badly enough to not be able to work, they would not be able to pay daily expenses without an income. In addition, they would have medical expenses that were not covered and the inevitable insurance deductibles,” said Evan Tunis of Florida Heath Care Insurance.

There are a lot of Americans who tend to think that nothing bad will happen to them and when it inevitably does, they may face a journey that includes foreclosure on their home and personal bankruptcy as a result of their disability. “There is actually a three in ten chance of becoming injured enough to not be able to work to earn a living,” outlined Tunis.

In order to protect the family, assets and lifestyle, planning in advance is a smart move. The next smart move is choosing the right disability insurance product with the help of a well-qualified Florida health insurance broker. “It’s a bit of a conundrum to buy catastrophic health insurance, and then be too disabled to work and have any level of income. Check out disability insurance plans because they have the potential to save a personal lifestyle,” added Evan Tunis of Florida Heath Care Insurance.

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