A Health Insurance Broker Is Vital in the Search for Health Insurance Policies

Local Health Insurance Broker

When shopping for any product the common phrase we always use is “Shop Local.”  The same is true for your Health Insurance plan.  At FHI we always recommend our clients work with a Local Health Insurance Agent or Broker for their individual, small businesses, or Medicare health coverage. “Picking out the right health insurance policy […]

Health Savings Accounts Not for Everyone

Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) are great for some people, but not others. The major issue seems to be whether contributions would even be made. It was 2003 and Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) hit the health insurance industry with a big fanfare. “Right away some thought they were wonderful and others thought that while they looked […]

Small Business Health Insurance an Option in Florida

It’s fairly easy to get Florida small business health insurance. In fact, it’s easier than going for an individual health insurance policy. A lot of people running small businesses don’t know this particular piece of information; that they would be far better off with small business health insurance than an individual policy – even if […]

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