Health insurance covers those unexpected medical disasters

There are so many options to choose from these days for Tampa health insurance, it often gets confusing. “There’s really no need to be confused when it comes to deciding what type of Tampa health insurance would work for you or your family. I’m a phone call away and know the market intimately. All we […]

All health insurance policies have exclusions

Never assume that a health insurance policy covers everything. That’s not the case. “When buying Florida health insurance, you want to make sure you know everything that is included in the policy for the simple reason that if you don’t check, you might get a nasty surprise later when you need coverage you thought you […]

Term Life Insurance Is Easier to Get These Days

It used to be that getting life insurance was a major pain. Things have changed. “Remember the good old days when you wanted to buy life insurance and you had to take tests, fill out forms, fill out more forms, mail stuff, sign stuff, and in general, spend a whole lot of time fiddling around? […]

A Health Insurance Broker Is Vital in the Search for Health Insurance Policies

Local Health Insurance Broker

When shopping for any product the common phrase we always use is “Shop Local.”  The same is true for your Health Insurance plan.  At FHI we always recommend our clients work with a Local Health Insurance Agent or Broker for their individual, small businesses, or Medicare health coverage. “Picking out the right health insurance policy […]

Cutting Family Health Insurance Costs

Everyone in the US today knows that health care costs are going up. There are some ways to cut costs and reduce the family debt. “For any family that is paying any part of their health insurance cover, they know the cost of everything is going up. Often that can send a family into sheer […]

Health Insurance in the Future May Look Different Than It Does Now

The new Health Care Reform Act mandates people buy insurance or be fined. That isn’t slated to happen until 2014. “Just because the Health Care Reform Act was signed into law and part of it mandates everyone must have health insurance or face serious fines, you don’t have to rush right out and get health […]

Premiums May Vary over the Years

Opting out of family health insurance may be risky. It may also cost a family their life savings. While it’s pretty much a given that family health insurance is necessary, many families find themselves between a rock and a hard place when it comes to paying the bills and keeping their insurance premiums current. Many […]

Don’t Compromise Health Insurance

Even if the price of health care is higher than it used to be, try not to compromise on health care insurance. There will come a time when it’s needed. Most people these days are not able to pay much, if anything, for health insurance simply because the cost of everything is going up daily […]

Our Medical Costs Are Our Fault

Health care costs are an arm and a leg for a good reason. This is because the health care system is badly overused for the wrong reasons. Medical procedures are certainly expensive but then, they should be. There are skilled and exacting procedures for people who really need them to make a difference in their […]

Read It Before You Buy It

No matter how many times an insurance broker advises people to read their policies before they buy them, people just don’t do it. This isn’t a good idea. For those that want the best of the best in terms of health insurance, be prepared to pay top dollar. For some this isn’t a problem, however […]