Florida Keys Health Insurance

Florida Keys Health Insurance

Living in the Florida Keys is a piece of paradise.  Beautiful water, cold drinks, amazing people-the place has it all.  What it doesn’t have is South Florida good health insurance options.  At FHI we understand this so we strive to be experts on Florida Keys Insurance. “While a lot of people figure they will be just fine […]

Fort Lauderdale Health Insurance

Fort Lauderdale Health Insurance

Having health insurance in Fort Lauderdale, FL is crucial for those inevitable life events that need medical care. Like auto insurance, it should be a must-have for every Fort Lauderdale, FL resident. There are a great number of Americans who wonder why they should bother to have health insurance or Medicare, as they don’t think […]

Changing Florida Life Insurance Needs

Just Starting Out- Young, single adults may have little need for life insurance since they have no major debts an no one else counting on their income. Two Incomes with Children- This is typically the time when your Florida Life Insurance needs are the greatest, since family members are depending on your income.  The death […]

Miami Health Insurance

Miami Health Insurance

One of the hottest topics today is Miami health insurance. Mostly, that is because of the cost of health care these days.  We expect the rates to unfortunately rise next year. Virtually everywhere you go, you see, hear, read or talk about health care reform, health care in general and health insurance in particular – […]

Sarasota Health Insurance Is A Crucial Investment In Your Wellbeing

Sarasota Health Insurance

Living in Sarasota, FL is a dream for many residents of Florida. Beautiful beaches, good weather, and affordable health insurance plans. The team at FHI is responsible to the people of Sarasota County, Florida to navigate them to find the best health insurance coverage benefits regardless of network. So home jump left as we use […]

Health insurance or bust, the new dilemma of the 21st century

If you don’t have Miami health insurance, you’re going to need it. Health care reform means everyone must have it eventually. While paying for health insurance can be somewhat expensive, it’s something that you’ll need to cover those medical moments when life takes a slight turn for the worse. If you’ve ever been in a […]

Every health insurance policy has exclusions

Every health insurance policy has exclusions, and it’s a good idea to know what those happen to be. Also, know what your options are. You finally decided to buy Florida health insurance and now have to make some decisions. Most of all, you need something that suits you and will cover all the various health […]

Read about health insurance before you buy it

You wouldn’t buy a car without knowing what you were getting. Why buy health insurance without checking it out? Any major consumer purchase, and yes, that includes Florida health insurance, is something that we need and can’t do without. Most often, before you shell out your hard earned cash on that deal of a lifetime, […]

Florida Individual Health Insurance a Smart Move

No matter how healthy you are now, there will be a point when you need to use a hospital. Having health insurance is a smart move. There are a good number of people in the US who think that they don’t need health insurance, that it’s a waste of time and money and they have […]