Moving to Florida

Move to Florida

By Evan Tunis | Florida Healthcare Insurance Americans move to Florida for a variety of reasons, and it’s essential to note that motivations can vary from person to person, it’s not just sunshine and lifestyle! I’ve certainly noticed in my work though, that I get plenty of calls from people looking for medicare and health […]

Break Out the HSAs as a Viable Health Insurance Option

HSA Health Insurance Options

Its’ no secret that out of all the health plans and ways for health savings, Health Savings Accounts have become quite the rage.  People used to avoid a tax advantaged account like health savings accounts as health insurance because they aren’t familiar with how a health savings account (HSA) work and what qualified medical expenses […]

Florida Life Insurance-Don’t Get Hung on the Details

Florida Life Insurance

Trying to figure out all the details of what you want for life insurance is guaranteed to cause a headache. That’s what an experience broker is for.  Here at FHI we strive to make sure that our clients understand Florida Life Insurance and don’t get hung up on the trivial details. The fact is that […]

What Makes Florida Healthcare Insurance Different

Florida Health Insurance Logo

There are a myriad of Health and Medicare Insurance agencies in the state of Florida.  So what makes FHI different? Why would you want to work with us for the health insurance for you and your family.  We explain our mission below. First of all, Florida Healthcare Insurance empathizes with your situation and takes into […]

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