Buying Your Own Health Insurance Has Become Even More Affordable!

Hooray for affordable healthcare! Millions of Americans will find health insurance significantly more affordable to purchase now, thanks to the financially generous help included in the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) signed by President Biden.

If you already have a plan this year, don’t worry — you’re still included! Your healthcare plan will still have increased subsidies available.  It’s so important for everyone to take advantage of these new subsidies — you have until August 15th before the extended open enrollment period ends. ARPA provisions state that no individual who purchases insurance through the marketplace will pay more than 8.5% of their income in premiums — regardless of what the individual makes.

What Are My Next Steps?

If you already have health insurance through the marketplace, or if you don’t have insurance at all, or if you have a plan that you pay too much for and would like a cheaper option — give us a call! We can go over the details and your subsidy qualifications and get you a quote or find out how much you can save within minutes. We can compare the cost and options provided to determine which coverage is best for you. Remember, you only have until August 15th of this year to enroll or make changes and qualify for these subsidies, although the subsidies will last for two years.

At Florida Healthcare Insurance, our expert agents are committed to answering any questions you may have and  helping everyone find a health insurance plan that perfectly fits their needs and wallet. We are proud to serve the South Florida community and be considered the top insurance agency of Coral Springs and Parkland, Florida!