Worried that a Critical Illness may put you in the Poor House?

If I had a life insurance product that covered you for a critical illness for up to $250,000, would you be interested?

If you have a critical illness such as a heart attack, stroke, renal failure, a major organ transplant, a terminal illness or a total disability, would you want a check to help you pay your expenses?

You probably answered a resounding Yes to both those questions. Who wouldn’t want cash to help them pay their medical expenses if you have been diagnosed with a critical illness? Finally, there is a term life insurance policy that pays living benefits to you for your critical illness.

How much does this policy pay in the event of critical illness?

  • Cancer (Life Threatening) 100%
  • Heart Attack 100%
  • Stroke 100%
  • Renal Failure 100%
  • Terminal Illness 100%
  • Major Heart Surgey 25%

These benefits come from all or part of your term life insurance coverage amount and provide you funds for the covered conditions diagnosed at least 30 to 60 days “after†your term life insurance effective policy date. Its simple. Its effective. It helps you pay your bills. What other life insurance policy does that?

Living benefits go directly to you “ the policy holder “ and you choose how to spend the benefit. Most people use the extra cash for daily living expenses, lost income, cost of caregivers or home health care, etc.

Living benefits is an option you can’t live without in this day and age when people are living longer lives. Who wouldn’t want protection when they need it the most?

I now offer the latest in term life protection  LifeStyle Protector “ to protect YOU! Give me a call and and I’d be pleased to walk you through all the benefits.

To Your Health,

Evan Tunis

Florida Healthcare Insurance



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