Why You Should NEVER purchase AIG/ Homeland/ AIM/ Cinergy Health Products

Just this past week I had a client reply to me that they wished to switch from their major medical United Healthcare product to a product from Cinergy Health.  While these carriers have clever marketing campaigns that make it seem like they are major medical plans they are anything but.

Here are a few reasons to avoid these plans.

  1. This is basically a discount plan, they only cover $50 of a doctor visit, or any procedure being done. Only 6 times a year.  Most of all call your doctor of choice and ask them if they accept them.
  2. This is not a major medical plan.  The plans are a limited benefit hosptial /surgical and say as much in the brochure.
  3. They do not cover labs and only cover a portion of any surgical procedures.  Imagine being hospitlized for with a $50,000 bill and having your insurance carrier advise you that will only cover 80/20 up to $2,000 per day!  This is exactly what these carriers will do and you will end up bankrupt.

If you have any questions regarding any of these carriers or would like to move to a major medical please visit our website at www.floridahealthcareinsurance.com

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