Why you need Life Insurance Today

Why you need Life Insurance Today

If you just about hit delete when you saw the title, HANG ON, I’m really serious about this for a very good reason. Prices for (meaning the premiums you pay) on term or non-permanent life insurance have plummeted just about 70% since they hit an all time high in the mid-90s. This trend just started to reverse and sneak up about 5% to 10% at the beginning of the year.

Wondering why the rates fell in the first place and if they could just stay down? Well, for term life insurance, the rates dropped for a number of reasons and the major one is that we’re living longer. If you outlive your term (number of years) the policy expires and you get paid absolutely nothing. What happened was that more people lived longer and their money went to the insurance company. When the insurance company made more money, they lowered their rates – a bonus to you.

Another reason term insurance premiums dropped is thanks to the Internet. Online shoppers started doing price comparisons while they were at home. Good for the shopper, but not so good for the insurance company who was losing business to the competition. The prices started coming down to be competitive which in the long run benefited everyone.

And the last reason why prices fell is linked to the stock market. What? At one time stock prices were fantastic and they aren’t now. What do stock prices have to do with insurance premiums? When insurance companies make money, they invest it. Their returns on investments offset insurance costs – or they have until the boom went bust. During the boom, insurance companies made money and that meant they could charge lower premiums. Since the stock market isn’t so attractive these days, premiums are starting to rise. The offset money has to come from someplace.

And here is what you need to know to make an informed decision about life insurance: the prices are at an all time low, but about to start going back up. To get what you need now would cost you less than if you waited. I’m here to answer your questions. Call me and we’ll talk.

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Evan Tunis

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