Who are the major carriers in Florida on the Healthcare Exchange?

You Florida you must remember that certain carriers are participating in the Federal Exchange(Florida Blue, Cigna,  Humana, Aetna) etc  while others such as Assurant and Golden Rule are strictly off the exchange.

According to Evan Tunis, owner of Florida Healthcare Insurance, this creates a lot of confusion for clients.  “Many clients will ask me for a Golden Rule plan with a subsidy thinking that  they are on the exchange.  The rollout of the ACA has created a lot of confusion where consumers think that is the only place to find plans.”

In addition to further confuse clients plans on the exchange from Humana for example are strictly HMO’s where off the exchange you can get a Point of Service plan.

Tunis advises every  client to speak with a licensed professional who represents every carrier thus they are unbiased.  To speak with a navigator who isn’t licensed and has no idea what they are recommending is a mistake.

Evan Tunis is with FloridaHealthcareInsurance.com, one of the leading providers of Florida health insurance quotes. To learn more about Florida health insurance, visit http://www.floridahealthcareinsurance.com/ or call 561.637.8162.  #Obamacare #ACA #Floridahealthinsurance

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