Want an Honest Quote on Health Insurance Ask for a Pre-Screen

When shopping for Florida Health Insurance it is easy to find several quotes from various carriers within minutes.  However a question you should ask yourself is are the quotes accurate?

According to Evan Tunis of Florida  Healthcare Insurance, “In most cases quotes online are only quoting individuals  with optimal height/weight and who have no hospitilizations or medication.   If you have any of these factors the quote will not be accurate.

Tunis advises for all clients to ask for a pre-screen from a broker who represents all the major carriers.
“A Pre-Screen” is a likely outcome for a client based upon an underwriter looking at a potential customer.  The pre-screen will determine if a client will be considered standard, denied, rated up or have certain things excluded.

It is important before any policy is submitted to have a pre-screen done so you know exactly how much to budget for a Florida medical plan.

Evan Tunis is with FloridaHealthcareInsurance.com, the leading provider of Florida health insurance quotes. To learn more about Florida health insurance, visit http://www.floridahealthcareinsurance.com/.

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