US Health Care Confusing and Costly

US Health Care Confusing and Costly

The US health care system is so confounded confusing largely because it is managed by a variety of legal entities. Where there is confusion, there are wasted tax dollars and increases in health care expenses.

This won’t come as much of a surprise to a whole lot of people, but the US health care system – despite its possible revamp – is in such a mess it’s not easy to understand what is going on. While most people “get” that their medical care is going up and up, they don’t get “why” it’s so high. The actual problem happens to be that there are way too many people and entities trying to run the system and the upshot is no one is doing a good job.

“US health insurance is privately run, privately priced, and a private business. Most large insurance companies therefore have a bottom line to deal with, and that means watching their finances. Smaller insurance companies have more room to be human, treat customers with respect and dignity, and offer people reasonable prices,” commented Evan Tunis of Florida Health Care Insurance, Delray Beach, Florida.

Of interest is the statistic that the US spends more health dollars than “any” other nation in the world. This could be viewed two ways: good because the system is top-notch and bad because it’s way too expensive. The actual amount usually tossed around in the papers is based on the dollar outlay as being part and parcel of the GDP and on a per person/per capita basis. Since our health care costs are so high, that should immediately let people know there is trouble on the horizon. If health care is this expensive now, what will it be in few years from now, reform or not?

These health care statistics are not just numbers picked out of the air and run up the flagpole to see if someone will salute. They are actually based on the overall good (or bad) health of the general population. Check out the most recent stats for health care spending in 2007 ($2.26 trillion or $7,439 per person). That means health care spending was about 16% of the GDP. Americans are obese and by 2017 health care gurus predict health care spending may be close to 20%.

These figures are not exactly encouraging and in fact are downright depressing. The health system is overwhelmed now. In 2017, with the extra burdens of the baby boomers coming of age and obese and addicted Americans beginning to have serious health problems, a system under strain is a system that gives out when it’s needed the most.

Americans ultimately are responsible for their own health; the system is not. Until many people realize that their personal choices dictate their medical conditions, the health care system and trying to get reasonable health insurance is going to continue to be difficult.

Being fit will affect a health insurance quote positively. It’s up to everyone to make a difference in their life for their own health.

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