The Florida Life Insurance Exam

The Florida Life Insurance Exam

What to Expect once you apply for Florida Life Insurance.

Life Insurance Exam
Florida Life Insurance Exam

It only makes sense that to obtain life insurance the company will want to know as much as possible about the person applying. Knowing as much as possible, of course, usually means a health exam done by a doctor or paramedic, lots of forms to fill out, the routine blood tests, urine tests and saliva tests, not to mention the obligatory list of medications being taken and why they are being taken.

The Florida life insurance exam routine all seems a bit too invasive and nosey, but realistically if a person expects to get their life insured, then they have to expect that the company considering doing that will want to know as much medical information as possible. It’s not just the medical information they insist on either. Many insurance companies will be asking questions about smoking history, hobbies (just in case the person sky dives or pilots a plane) and pre-existing conditions. Pre-existing conditions don’t exclude someone from getting insurance, but it may change the category or class they are ultimately approved in which to get insurance.

If, on the other hand, the person applying for life insurance wants less than $100,000 and happens to be under 40, they usually don’t have a tough time getting what they need. In either instance, the cost of the life insurance premium does tend to depend on the person’s age and health, which brings up an interesting scenario. What if the person applying for life insurance does not reveal all of their health issues?

If they didn’t confess to all their medical issues and withheld the fact that they smoke occasionally, this will come out in the salvia test they submitted to, no matter how many breath mints they have to hide the fact. Interestingly enough many insurance companies don’t tend to penalize people for failing to be totally honest about their health, as it may have been a genuine oversight, or they view their odd cigarette as classifying them as being a non-smoker because it’s not a whole pack.

Generally speaking though, it’s wise to just tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth and save the embarrassment later. Being honest about one’s health will only help get the right kind of life insurance in the final analysis.

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