20 Days Left in Open Enrollment

Hello Everyone, If you are not aware health insurance open enrollment is more than half way over.  In fact we only have 20 days left. If you have but your renewal in a drawer and covered your eyes or want to see other insurance options please let  us know.  We work with all of the […]

Pricing and Health Insurance

If you’ve ever gone to a doctor, lab, or hospital and asked what a procedure or test will cost you’ll get the same answer-what insurance do you got? This answer is troublesome for a myriad of reasons.  Your neighbor could be paying 1/10 of what your paying or 3x for the same procedure.  There is […]

PPO Health Options In Florida

If you are looking for a PPO medical plan in Florida the options are slim.  You options are either a Blue Cross Blue Options EPO or an AvMed POS.  In the past we had choices such as Golden Rule and Cigna but that is in the past. Evan Tunis, Owner of Florida Healthcare Insurance, “The […]