Health Insurance Options After Open Enrollment

If your not aware open enrollment for health insurance is over.  This was the 3 month window where you can shop different plans, apply for government help or tell the government no thanks. For those that missed the deadline there are 3 options: If you have a SEP(special election period) you can purchase a plan […]

Let’s Talk Short Term Medical Insurance

As premiums for ACA compliant plans have begun to rise clients have been seeking alternatives.  One of the better alternatives is short term medical insurance. What is a short term medical plan?  Evan Tunis, Owner of Florida Healthcare Insurance explains, “Short term medical is designed to provide a stop gap for those in between jobs […]

Florida Life Insurance-Don’t Get Hung on the Details

Florida Life Insurance

Trying to figure out all the details of what you want for life insurance is guaranteed to cause a headache. That’s what an experience broker is for.  Here at FHI we strive to make sure that our clients understand Florida Life Insurance and don’t get hung up on the trivial details. The fact is that […]

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