An Analogy for the company’s we choose to work with!

Earlier this week I was working with a client talking about Florida Life Insurance. The question came up as to why our agency works with some companies which may be more expensive then others. This was my response: Why do people buy so many Toyota’s and no the cheaper model that is out there?  Would […]

Why You Should With a Local Health Agency?

Local Health Insurance Agency

It’s not uncommon for people to have problems with their insurance company. When that happens people want to talk to their agents fast, and get things sorted out. At FHI we always maintain its best working with a local health agency for this reason. It happens. Things go wrong with a health insurance claim and […]

Health Care Insurance Co-Pay or No Pay

There’s a big difference between having a co-pay plan with an employer and having to put money out of one’s own pocket for medical expenses. Not a lot of people really understand the differences between a co-pay situation and a no pay situation. The co-pay is an arrangement with an employer to pick up part […]

Health Care Coverage Confusing

When things change in the health care system, people get royally confused.  And we get it- there is confusion in Florida Health Care.  While it’s nice to know that there are changes coming to the health system in June 2010, there have been some minor tweaks to it over the past few years. The major […]

Health Insurance Shopping Tips for Florida

Health Insurance Shopping Tips

Everyone needs Health Insurance Shopping Tips while looking for health insurance and Medicare Supplements here in Florida. If there weren’t so many health insurance policies to choose from, it wouldn’t be so hard to shop for one, now would it? While it’s really nice to have options, sometimes too many options are confusing. However, you […]

The Phone Beef with Your Health Insurance Company

If you do happen to have a bone to pick with your health insurance company, you are definitely not alone. Ever notice that when you are dealing with a larger health insurance company and have a complaint (or question) that you spend what seems like hours on the phone getting the run around from department […]

Self-Employed Health Insurance

Self Employed Health Insurance

Finding self-employed health insurance is not easy and Florida Healthcare Insurance understands that. We know how difficult it can be to find self-employed health insurance plan and the best health insurance companies that suit the needs and budget of a self-employed individual. Rest easy, at Florida Healthcare Insurance we not only know how to find […]

HSA’s In Practice

HSA's in Practice

HSAs are not just for the young, healthy or wealthy; HSAs help individuals and families reduce healthcare costs while saving for the future especially in Florida.  At Florida Healthcare Insurance we love HSA’s and believe they should be your number one consideration when looking for a health insurance plan.  We do get quite a bit […]

Investing in Your Health

Investing In Your Health

Life is a mystery, no one knows where the next challenge is waiting for us. These challenges are assessments for our courage and enthusiasm to revolutionize. At such an instant you can’t say, “I am not ready yet” or pretend that nothing has happened. The challenge will unquestionably affect your life, and you cannot just […]

What Makes Florida Healthcare Insurance Different

Florida Health Insurance Logo

There are a myriad of Health and Medicare Insurance agencies in the state of Florida.  So what makes FHI different? Why would you want to work with us for the health insurance for you and your family.  We explain our mission below. First of all, Florida Healthcare Insurance empathizes with your situation and takes into […]

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