Health Insurance 101: What To Consider When Choosing Your Health Coverage

Insurance Family

While it may feel overwhelming at times, choosing the right health insurance coverage for you and your family is very important. That’s because it will determine this coming year how much will come out of your pocket and what the insurance company will cover should you or your family member need medical treatments. So, what […]

Changing Florida Life Insurance Needs

Just Starting Out- Young, single adults may have little need for life insurance since they have no major debts an no one else counting on their income. Two Incomes with Children- This is typically the time when your Florida Life Insurance needs are the greatest, since family members are depending on your income.  The death […]

After You Say “I Do” Make Sure You Insure

One of the best moments in persons life is the day of their wedding.  Surrounded by family and friends it is a decleration of two people declaring their love and devotion to each other. Yet it is suprising how many newlyweds often fail to properly insure themselves and their spouses when they do get married. […]

An Analogy for the company’s we choose to work with!

Earlier this week I was working with a client talking about Florida Life Insurance. The question came up as to why our agency works with some companies which may be more expensive then others. This was my response: Why do people buy so many Toyota’s and no the cheaper model that is out there?  Would […]

Disability Plans May Prevent Financial Ruin

People need to know they have a constant income in the event of a disability affecting their job. Everyone knows that the economy is in shambles and that just about everyone is squeaking by with the skin of their teeth. Unfortunately, the number of Americans who are in this wobbly boat is growing on a […]

Health Care Insurance Co-Pay or No Pay

There’s a big difference between having a co-pay plan with an employer and having to put money out of one’s own pocket for medical expenses. Not a lot of people really understand the differences between a co-pay situation and a no pay situation. The co-pay is an arrangement with an employer to pick up part […]

Maximum HSA Contribution To Rise In 2010

The maximum HSA contribution that can be made in 2010 for single coverage will be $3,050, up from $3,000 in 2009. The maximum HSA contribution for those with family coverage will rise to $6,150, up from $5,950. Health Savings Account Enrollment Reaches Eight Million Eight million Americans are covered by Health Savings Account (HSA)-eligible insurance […]

The Phone Beef with Your Health Insurance Company

If you do happen to have a bone to pick with your health insurance company, you are definitely not alone. Ever notice that when you are dealing with a larger health insurance company and have a complaint (or question) that you spend what seems like hours on the phone getting the run around from department […]

Two Categories of Health Insurance

Health insurance is a fairly straightforward concept defined as individual health insurance plans offered by Florida insurance carriers. At Florida Healthcare Insurance, they offer a wide selection of plans suited to your individual circumstances and budget. They know what it’s like working within a budget, and they work closely with clients to make sure they […]