Supplemental Insurance — Do you need it?

No one wants to think about the dreaded possibility of a detrimental diagnosis like cancer or another critical illness, however, planning ahead with supplemental insurance can ease your mind.

Critical Illness Insurance can not only be the supplemental coverage for your rainy day fund, it can also pay you cash for a qualifying serious illness. That cash can be used however you’d like — for bills, living expenses, out-of-pocket medical costs and more. Supplemental health insurance can even help with deductibles and copays, travel and lodging, childcare, and out-of-network charges.

Critical Illness insurance is designed to supplement your health insurance policy, not replace it. They require a monthly premium similar to standard health insurance, but the benefits are typically offered as a lump-sum cash paid directly to you. They are meant to help you focus on your recovery, not missed paychecks. You’re even able to select the coverage amount.

So who needs critical illness insurance? You should consider purchasing critical illness insurance if a loss of income would impact your way of life, if you or your spouse is the primary breadwinner, or if you do (or don’t) currently have health insurance.

In addition to Critical illness insurance plans, we also offer Medicare supplement plans to help fill in the gaps of original Medicare plans. We offer both Medigap Supplemental Insurance with a Standalone Part D Plan and Medicare Advantage (MA-PD) such as an HMO or a PPO.

We don’t want you to get stuck paying for expensive deductibles and high percentages of your outpatient coverage. Give us a call today — we can help you compare policies with the highest caliber of carriers to get you the coverage you need!