Stay Away from U.S. Health Group(Freedom Life)

With sky rocketing premiums individuals are looking for alternatives for traditional ACA plans.  Some of the better ones are short term plans or even a major medical.  What you don’t want is anything from U.S. Health Group.

U.S. Health Group offers incredibly horribly indemnity products mixed in with accident/critical illness plans that make it appear slightly less gross.  But poop is poop.  This group sells themselves by saying they are Cigna a lie again.  They only rent Cigna’s network but and the contract will only pay up to its max.  And what is the max you say?

For a  hospital its $400, $600 or $700 per day.   Sick yet?  Well don’t get cancer or have a heart attack with the max benefits being $2400.

In conclusion if someone comes to you from Freedom Life, or U.S. Health Advisors run away or better yet call us at 561.637.8162

Below is an example their “coverage”

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