Practical Solutions for Cheaper Medications

Practical Solutions for Cheaper Medications

We get it.  The cost of medications is going up each and every year.  Products that used to be a few dollars are now hundreds.  So what is a consumer to do?  Our team at FHI is hard at work finding you and your family solutions for cheaper medications.

Solutions for Cheaper Medication

If you want to cut costs for your health care expenses, use generic drugs.

We all know that health care these days is really pricey, and the costs just keep escalating. It’s no particular secret that Americans tend to overload and overwhelm our current health care system. Far too many people use a hospital as a doctor’s office, run to a physician with a minor problem or just visit the doctor to ask about a new medication. In other words, we are using the system in ways it isn’t supposed to be used. This ought to make you give serious consideration to taking a look at your own habits when it comes to using the medical system.

No one is saying you have to be a crusader for others, to stop them from overusing the health care system. However, there is something to be said for taking responsibility for your own habits. What you do will make a huge difference in how much money you save in the long-term. Think that is a load of baloney? Give the matter some thought first, before deciding one way or the other, and keep reading for some ideas to cut your health care expenses.

Want to save mega-bucks on drugs? If you do want to cut expenses on your medications, then shop online by using mail order pharmacies. Make sure they are reputable of course and then go ahead and order. It doesn’t matter where they are located – either in Canada or the U.S. – because the bottom line is saving money. So ultimately, you will be looking for the best prices you are able to find. Hint: sometimes cross border online shopping will net you a month’s supply of meds for $15 instead of what you’d pay at home at the pharmacy – say $150. Saving that kind of money every month is pretty attractive to say the least.

Paying less for meds makes a significant difference in the amount of money you shell out every month. This of course means having money for other things that are needed for your family. You work hard enough as it is for your money and paying less for medications is very enticing.

Hint: buy generic drugs. You really don’t need to use a brand name drug when a generic one will do. Besides, it will save you even more money. Many people think that generic drugs are not as effective as the old standby brand name drugs. This is not the case. The only differences between brand name and generic drugs may lie in the coating or pill size, but the way they work is the same as brand name drugs. The drug is the same; it’s just that a big name Big Pharma company didn’t manufacture it.

Another good suggestion is to use the resources of GoodRx.  Many of our clients including-us have found significant savings by utilizing GoodRx’s services.  Best of all they are free.  In addition, you can always look to see if your medication is covered by a manufacturers discount program.  In some cases the manufacturers have made the solutions for cheaper medications available-if you know where to look.  Still have questions about solutions for cheaper medications?  Call our team at 954-282-6891 and we’ll help today.

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