Higher Health Insurance Rates for Now

Higher Health Insurance Rates for Now

Yes, health insurance rates are higher right now, but no one seems to really understand why.

Health insurance rates mainly go up for one reason and that reason is that people do not take care of themselves. It is that simple and that complicated at the same time. “If people don’t take responsibility for their own health and instead foist that task on an already overburdened health care system, it’s no wonder health care rates are atrocious,” explained Evan Tunis of Florida Healthcare Insurance.

Being human, the human condition gives rise to smoking, over-eating, over-indulging in prescription or illegal drugs, avoiding gyms and work outs like the plague, and aging. Of course the last one, aging, we really are unable to do too much about, except vigorously pursue preventive health care. “Check out the national statistics for the rate of obesity in America,” suggested Tunis. It will astonish even the most hard-nosed individual.

Consider the high costs of treating alcoholics, smokers and drug addicts, and now also consider that there is an element of choice in all these addictions. It’s not too hard to see why the cost of health care is creeping up every year. It sure isn’t going down and the numbers of people who continue to choose to abuse themselves doesn’t seem to be on the decline either.

“Another area of concern relates to medical inflation,” indicated Tunis. There is no way anyone is able to find out what the actual cost of any kind of surgery happens to be. No one will divulge that kind of information for the simple reason that they only know what they are going to bill, when they actually bill it out. Nothing like last minute medical charges being added to a patient’s bill.

Many patients have been stunned to get bills that reflect being charged for things like an extra pillow or more dressing for a wound. This boils down to just about every item and service being charged out separately while someone is in the hospital. It’s not much wonder that the bills are so high.

If people want lower health care rates, they need to start looking after themselves a whole lot better than they have been. “The healthier Americans are, the less expensive health care will be,” added Evan Tunis of Florida Healthcare Insurance.

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