Health care reform has an ugly side that people need to be aware of

Health care reform is touted as being a good thing. However, the industry is offering products that are not beneficial to consumers.

Many think health care reform will mean a healthier nation with more people getting access to health insurance. While that may be true to a certain extent, in reality, the insurance industry is beginning to see some unusual and not so beneficial products hit the marketplace; products that essentially mean those who buy them are buying something that is as good as having no Tampa health insurance. If you want to have your health care costs covered, in whole or in part, you need a traditional health insurance plan; it’s just that simple.

While it makes sense to save money by opting to buy a limited benefit plan or a discount medical plan, are you really saving any money in the long run? Chances are you are not saving money and may in fact be spending more money than you thought. Yes, even more money that it would cost you to get a proper Tampa health insurance plan.

The major problem is that today, many people shop for health coverage based solely on price. This is a major mistake, as more often than not, what you get is not what you thought you were getting, and you will not be covered for your expenses. In fact, you will be paying for your care with a medical discount plan – all of your care. Try figuring the expenses out for that over the period of a year and you’ll quickly find out you’d be paying more than you would pay for proper health insurance – the kind that pays your medical claims for you.

Which makes more sense economically? The answer is health insurance that actually pays out money on your behalf for your medical expenses. Joining a medical discount plan only gets you discounts on medical services and supplies. It does not pay out any money to you for a claim.

Think twice before you buy health insurance that is so cheap you are thrilled. It may end up that it isn’t health insurance and the costs are higher than what Tampa health insurance would be. In addition, you may also wind up with limited benefits; something that might backfire on you should you need coverage at some point in your life. Always be aware of what you are buying, your very health could depend on it.

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