Florida Major Medical Insurance

Florida Major Medical Insurance

Over the years, catastrophic health insurance, especially health insurance in Florida, has become the choice of young professionals and professionals who don’t way to pay the full price of an Affordable Care Act (ACA) health insurance marketplace plan.

The reason health insurance coverage, specifically major medical plans, seems to be so popular with individuals and health insurance companies is because it’s totally affordable and will offer outstanding protection for major medical problems when they arise. While it’s not a “cheap health insurance plan”, it still should be examined in-depth by a licensed insurance agent before anyone makes a decision to buy it.

All Florida health insurance plans have their pros and cons and those need to be taken into consideration when buying health insurance coverage. Never leap before you look is a good rule of thumb when considering various types of Florida health insurance plans. In order to figure out the good and the bad of major medical, start by finding out what the advantages and disadvantages are with this plan. It may help to make a list of what health care needs are important to you, whether specific medical expenses are covered, if there are any cash benefits or if there is a qualifying life event you may need to meet. It’s also important to determine if certain health plans cover preexisting conditions like diabetes or heart disease, the type of maternity care it offers, or if there are any waiting periods on claims.

Looking for cheap health insurance? That’s one of the main benefits of major medical coverage. Let’s take a look at a few of the advantages of major medical Florida health insurance plans. For instance, we already mentioned major medical coverage is very reasonably priced. The reason for its “cheap health insurance” is that a younger person, in good health, may have Florida health insurance quotes on premiums as low as $100 a month. Some may even find better health benefits and coverage with health insurance like lower copay on doctor office visits, accident insurance, prescription drugs, vision insurance, and mental health. Major medical health insurance, unlike short-term health insurance, offer essential health benefits for an extended period of time and are not limited to a short term.

Health Insurance plan coverage is also very attractive for those “whoops” moments we all seem to run into in our lives. Major medical Florida health insurance would pay quite a large amount of the bill because it is deductible based – meaning the health insurance company forks the dollars over to the medical provider and just takes its deductible.

Having mentioned the deductible, this may also be a disadvantage because the higher the deductible, the more affordable the health insurance plan. This means that policyholders will be coughing up a large chunk of change to cover medical bills. Also, keep in mind that this kind of plan is “only” for major medical events, not something like a condition that needs regular medical visits.

Let’s say for example, you search “best health insurance plans” or “health insurance near me”, not only may a plethora of results pop up, but an individual may have a hard time determining what health benefits are covered under which plan, which health coverage is better for their needs, or whether or not they need health insurance in the first place. This is where we come in; as an expert insurance agent, we can effectively help you find health insurance in Florida that fits your needs exactly, is affordable, offers you the most essential health benefits, whether it be vision insurance, major medical health insurance, or a short term health insurance. We take pride in working with what fits your needs and budget!

As a knowledgeable insurance agent, we are glad to inform our clients about health insurance in Florida, the different types of health coverage offered and available, and compare each health plan to determine what is best for you. Health insurance in Florida is complex and easy to get lost in the information, and we encourage you to call us, even for clarification on what your options are. We work with the best health insurance companies and carriers as well as plans on the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Federal Exchange. We are experts on the health plan/plans that Florida utilizes including short-term plans, Medicare Part A/B, and Cost Sharing on the marketplace. The plans on the affordable care act are designed to offer minimum essential coverage and pay for most medical expenses. In addition, you may be eligible for premium subsidies There is an open enrollment period however the plans are not medically underwritten. Your health is important to us and whether you are self-employed, working for an employer, have health insurance with a high deductible, want to shop plans, or any other factors that may arise when searching for medical care, we are here to help provide coverage or any services offered.

A common major medical insurance plan is with the Golden rule insurance company formerly Oxford health insurance. Owned by the UnitedHealthcare life insurance company the health plan offers major medical coverage at affordable rates. Some of the United Healthcare services include critical illness, Urgent Care Copays, and discounts for Florida residents. We are big fans of the golden rule insurance company but understand the plans do not offer minimum essential coverage under the affordable care act. The plans with the golden rule insurance company are subject to medical underwriting and are more limited benefits than a plan with Florida Blue such as a Florida Blue HMO. Short Term Plans can be bought year-round and are not subject to a special enrollment period or the federal poverty level. Preventive care is covered in the Marketplace with each carrier having contractual obligations and administrative services offered at no additional charge. Complete details can be found on Healthcare.Gov.

So, take a look at the pros and cons of health insurance plans and then make the decision about what you want and if you think it will be a good risk for you to take. Health care remains one of the most important decisions for you and your family, and we are here for you! Our insurance company has been serving South Florida and beyond for over twenty years, offering health plans that fit your needs and budget. We serve popular Florida counties like Broward, Palm Beach, and Miami, and also offer provide insurance options for Florida residents in most Florida counties. Before making the plunge, talk to a qualified, licensed Florida health insurance broker who knows his stuff; that might help you make up your mind as well.

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