Fitness Counts for Florida Health Insurance

Whether or not you are fit or overweight makes a big difference to your health insurance premiums.

This really should make some sense when you stop to consider what we’re saying here. If you are overweight to obese it will affect your health insurance rates. Weighing too much means your health risks increase.

There is a little something called the body mass index, or BMI, that is used as a rating factor when people buy health insurance premiums. So, if you’re too heavy for your height, you are paying more money to get decent health insurance. Now that may not be something you want to hear, but it’s a fact and is the way the health insurance industry is operated.

If we’re overweight then that means we are largely responsible for what we are paying out in health care costs. Here’s another startling fact – our health system is in the mess it is now because we have been overusing it and yes, abusing it shamelessly. It’s up to us to make responsible personal health care choices, not up to the system to try and keep us well when we turn around and sabotage their efforts at every turn.

This means we are largely responsible for what we pay for health care. As radical as that may sound, the health care system is in the mess it is today because we are overusing it and abusing it. It’s time we took responsibility for our personal health care choices.

The more overweight we are, the more our chances of developing a serious illness. You have to realize this too, that health insurance is about covering you for potential illnesses; however, if you choose to be overweight (there are exceptions to this) the insurance industry regards you as taking risks with your health. So, if you are choosing to be heavy, you will pay a higher insurance premium.

Let’s face it, insurance companies don’t run charities, they operate with a finely tuned bottom line. If you are heavy by choice or due to laziness, you will pay more because the business of health insurance only really wants to insure healthy people at their optimal weights. Insurance companies are businesses – period. They will risk money on those who are in good shape, but they really don’t like covering someone who will cost them money.

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