Every health insurance policy has exclusions

Every health insurance policy has exclusions, and it’s a good idea to know what those happen to be. Also, know what your options are.

You finally decided to buy Florida health insurance and now have to make some decisions. Most of all, you need something that suits you and will cover all the various health contingencies that you feel are foreseeable. That’s a great place to start from, but what if you find out that the carrier you want to go with will exclude something you feel you will need coverage for later?

For example, what if you had knee surgery a couple of years ago and the carrier says they will not cover you for that because it’s too much of a risk for them to assume? What are your options now? In Florida, there is no such thing as a “risk pool,” so your options boil down to two choices. The first choice would be to go with the carrier you chose and hope nothing happens to your knee.

The second choice is to shop around for a carrier who will cover your knee. Shopping around will definitely find you an viable option, but trying to shop around on your own without knowing the carriers and what they will and won’t cover is a nightmare. This is the major reason why you will want to discuss your situation with a licensed expert Florida health insurance broker. One phone call is all it takes to find out who will take you, knee and all.

The benefits of talking directly to the insurance agent are that you know without a doubt where you stand, what will work for your circumstances, what is included in the policy you ultimately buy and how much to budget. The insurance agent is your connection to the insurance carriers, and he knows what each one offers and how that would fit with your situation. Talking directly to the agent will save you time trying to figure out which policy would do what. Besides, much of the material on a website may not even be applicable to your circumstances.

Be prepared to pay a bit extra when you go with the company that will assume the risk of you possibly having problems with your knee in the future. However, the extra price you pay is well worth the peace of mind in knowing that you are completely covered for the things that are important to you

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