Double Impact: Flu Season and Covid-19 Health Coverage

As the holiday season approaches, so does the impending “twindemic” of Covid-19 AND the flu. Both are serious, similar in symptoms, and can quickly burden your holiday season. In preparation, we recommend taking all recommended precautions like social distancing and wearing a mask, but another way to be prepared is making sure you’ve got the proper health coverage should you contract either virus.

We can help you go over your current plan or search for one that suits your needs; for example, all marketplace plans cover treatment of Covid-19. Our agents can speak to you about the specific benefits and coverage each policy offers. If you had a job-based health plan and experienced a loss in hours or termination, we are here to help you! We can get you on a plan during the open enrollment period  or even qualify you for a special enrollment period. We can go over all of your plan options, from medicare, short term policies, and more.  Bottom line…we can get you coverage — fast and easy!
Feel free to reach out to one of our agents for any questions you may have regarding health coverage. We always encourage our clients to stay healthy and safe and practice the recommended social distancing guidelines.Cheers to a healthy holiday season!