Don’t Delay Life Insurance

Don’t Delay Life Insurance

Well no one actually is knocking on the door, at least not when it comes to life insurance. That being said don’t delay life insurance anymore.

That’s right, no more sales reps at the door offering to explain various Florida life insurance policies and hoping to make a sale. Technology has finally caught up with the life insurance industry and applications are now done online. Well, some life insurance agents offer this lovely new, no hassle feature. It isn’t widespread yet, but chances are it may be in a few years.

Don’t Delay Life Insurance

Imagine no more paper forms, no more scrambling for the pen the dog chewed, no more trying to figure out what forms need to be filled out and what medical information is needed to go with what question. No more filling cups of coffee for the agent in the living room who looks like they might be there all night with all the forms, booklets, pamphlets, and questionnaires.

No more trying to figure out what the answer to that last question was; it was so loaded with jargon it was hard to make out the normal English words, surrounded by those “not withstanding” clauses, etc. If the right agent is online and able to offer Florida life insurance via the Internet, imagine how much more simplified the whole process of applying would be without all the forms. There are online forms, but they certainly don’t take up pages and pages, like a regular life insurance form.

Offering Florida life insurance online doesn’t mean that people have to stop speaking to the agent who if offering the insurance. It’s like buying health insurance online, if there are questions, it is best to pick up the phone and call the agent directly for the complete picture. This is the same thing with life insurance online. If there are questions, things that pertain to someone’s individual circumstances, the agent would encourage a shopper to call and ask those questions.

In the meantime, remember that everything that a person needs to know is not going to be on the website. This is because there is far too much information to put it all on one site. Make it a point to contact the local Florida life insurance agent for further details if something on a form or a question doesn’t seem to make sense.

It’s an idea whose time has come –getting life insurance quotes online with all the comforts of home, and the option to contact an agent directly if that is necessary. Now that’s the ticket.  Don’t delay life insurance anymore.  Simply give us a call at 954-282-6891 and we’ll get started today.

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