Don’t Be Stupid, Make Sure You go with an A Rated Carrier

Browsing around today’s paper I came upon an article detailing how the FTC was trying to shut down CHBA(Consumer Health Benefits Association) for selling phone Florida Health Insurance or worse discount plans.  This coming only weeks after the banning the sales of AIM Health Plans.

Just who exactly are buying these plans?  The same people who go to McDonald’s each day and then wonder why they are putting on a few pounds.

Listen if your financial future is dependent on any of these carriers; Team Corp, New Era, Assurant Health Access, Health Option One, Mega Life, Midwest National, United American  etc run for the hills.  These plans are glorified discount plans and will put you in poor house or bankrupt.  Please make sure you speak with a licensed broker who only deals with A Rated Carriers through AM Best.

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