Health Care Coverage Confusing

Health Care Coverage Confusing

When things change in the health care system, people get royally confused.  And we get it- there is confusion in Florida Health Care. 

Confusion in Florida Health Care

While it’s nice to know that there are changes coming to the health system in June 2010, there have been some minor tweaks to it over the past few years. The major problem is that the right hand doesn’t seem to know what the left hand is doing, which would definitely account for the shape the health care system is in today. It’s enough to give health care consumers serious doubts about the future of the system.

Many people wonder why the system is in the mess it is. The bottom line is that it is run by a major clutch of separate business entities; in other words, a whole flock of insurance companies, who don’t seem to speak to each other.

While all these insurance companies are running around trying to be competitive and stay in business, they tend to forget who really counts in this picture: the consumers. The changes to the system that are slated for June 2010 will likely level the playing field and we’ll all see the larger insurance companies scramble for business by lowering their rates. Be aware that there will be a good chance those lower rates may only last for a year, when they will be kicked back up again.

In the meantime things seem to be trundling along as they always have been, in fits and starts of efficiency with occasional pauses of sheer system exhaustion to try and recoup and continue. Ask anyone what their opinion is on the health care system today and the answer will likely contain a reference to how high health insurance premiums happen to be, followed by how overused the system is as well.

To even begin to change the way things are the state of the economy has to be wrestled to the ground, something that will take many years and many billions of dollars to accomplish. While change may be coming in several ways over the next few years, it’s hard to imagine what may replace what is currently the devil we know.

There is an old Hungarian proverb that mentions it is easier to deal with the devil we know, rather than the one we don’t. It seems this may be quite appropriate when applied to the proposed changes to the health system for the future.

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