Comparing Cigna Global and International Medical Group for EB-5 Clients.

We compare and contrast the two best options for EB-5/EB-2 clients.

For individuals coming to the United States getting proper insurance is essential. Currently the two strongest products are Cigna Global and International Medical Group’s(IMG), “Global Medical Insurance.”


First off let’s compare the networks of the two products. The Cigna Global product uses Cigna’s PPO while IMG uses the “First Health Network.” The First Health Network is rather large and widely accepted however we have had issues of clients not knowing if their insurance was with “First Health” or IMG. The Cigna PPO network is elite. The funny thing is this is the only individual product Cigna offers that uses this network. Advantage: Cigna


This is tough to compare apples ot apples but we will try our best. The Cigna Global product is best described as a cafeteria plan. What that means is that you can design a plan with just hospitilization, hospitilization and outpatient benefits, wellness etc. The IMG product is more straightforward with plan levels similar to the Affordable Care Act starting with Bronze all the way up to Platinum. Doctor visits and medicaitons are included in all categories. When comparing a Gold level client to Cigna, IMG was less expensive. Advantage: IMG

The Fine Print

The nice thing with the application and underwriting with Cigna is its simple. With IMG if your are an Expat but just obtained a Green Card you cannot get coverage. In addition if you are age 75 or older IMG will not let you have coverage. Advantage: Cigna


Both IMG and Cigna are big players in the Expat insurance field. While IMG has a nice product we feel that Cigna with 30 years experience in this market is a better product.

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