Cigna Global Health Insurance for Eb-5 Clients

“Health Insurance.” The words themselves automatically elicit feelings of stress confusion, and sometimes even anger. From Obamacare and Trumpcare to the Affordable Care Act, the options seem to get more complex and choices limited.

For EB-5 clients who are trying to enter the United States, obtaining medical insurance is the last thing on their minds. It isn’t until they are in the county looking at options requiring social security numbers, medical history and limited options that the problem becomes illustrated.

The good news is that Cigna is now offering a solution through their Cigna Global plans. Cigna Global provides health insurance for expatriates and globally mobile individuals. The plans can be perfectly tailored for the needs of your EB-5 clients and their families.

Some benefits of this policy:

• Worldwide Coverage
• Large PPO network with no referrals required
• Avoiding the ACA, Special Election Period
• Social Security Numbers not required
• No waiting period for coverage
• 24 Hour Application Approval
• Customer Service in the language of your clients.
• Cannot be singled out for a rate increase or cancelled.

This product not only covers an immigrant coming into he United States, but also United States citizens to travel abroad. From example, Mark Zuckerberg, a citizen who travel overseas would be eligible for this plan.

For more information on a Cigna Global policy please call Evan Tunis at 561-637.8162.