Avoiding These Florida Life Insurance Mistakes

  • Not considering life insurance at all. Life insurance forces us to take a look at our own mortality, a subject most people would prefer to ignore.  In fact, one third of all adults have no life insurance at all.
  • Relying on rules of thumb. When d eciding how much life insurance you need, avoid common rules of thumb, such as five to 10 times your annual salary.  These are general guidelines and are not meant to be a definitive guide to the amount of coverage you need.  You need to determine how much money your family requires annually to maintain their standard of living and how long they will need that money.  Once you have these estimates, you can more accurately calculate the amount of Florida life insurance coverage for your family’s situation.
  • Not evaluating your situation periodically. Your life insurance needs are likely to change over time.  Thus, you should periodically review your needs to see if changes are warranted.

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