Tips to Consider When Shopping for Health Insurance

Health needs can change each year, and so can your health insurance coverage choices. We know how important it is to understand your options and can help you find the best coverage that fits your exact needs and budget. Since fall open enrollment is around the corner, we listed a few tips to consider when […]

As Medicare Open Enrollment Approaches, Here Are Some Helpful FAQs

With Medicare Open Enrollment nearing the date of October 15th, we wanted to make sure to help those who are shopping or who are eligible for Medicare by answering the most frequently asked questions. Here are some helpful suggestions: When can I initially enroll?  The Initial Enrollment Period is the period when you are turning […]

Does Your Vaccination Status Impact Your Health Insurance Premium

In this Covid-19 pandemic age, a question that has been popping up is whether or not your vaccination status matters when shopping for health insurance. It’s a valid question as talks of vaccine mandates swirl around places of business, live events, and government jobs. The lowdown?  No, health insurance premiums will not go up because […]

Mental Health Care Resources Arise From Affordable Care Act

Even before the pandemic, mental health has been an issue so many Americans faced without much resolution.  More than one in five American adults reported symptoms of anxiety and/or depressive disorder in the last year — a 20% to 40% increase from the pre-Covid period. The good news? Mental health laws have significantly expanded in […]

Could Unvaccinated Workers End Up Paying More for Health Insurance?

Workers who are not vaccinated against Covid-19 could soon be paying as much as $50 more per paycheck for their health insurance as companies across the U.S. try to protect their employees — and themselves for that matter — from outbreaks of the disease. Although most companies are still cautious as whether to require that […]

Available FHI Medical Plans Now That Open Enrollment Is Over

Did you miss Open Enrollment? It’s okay — we’ve got you covered! We still have incredible health insurance plans that we can enroll you in, regardless of the special enrollment period ending last Sunday, August 15th.  Enrollment is still available for those who experience certain qualifying events like: Birth or Adoption of a Child Marriage […]

Amid Covid, 2.5 Million People Have Signed Up for U.S. Health Insurance

As of August 10th, two and a half million people have purchased health insurance through the online marketplaces (ACA) after the Biden Administration extended the time frame amid Covid-19. Haven’t had a chance to sign up as yet? That’s okay — there’s still time! Individuals and small business have until this Sunday, August 15th to […]

Health Insurance Enrollment in the Marketplace Ends August 15th

Individuals and families without health insurance still have the opportunity to sign up for health coverage through the marketplace until August 15th, 2021. Most individuals and families who already have a plan through the marketplace are able to save even more on their monthly premium due to the ARP, saving an average of $5-$100 per […]

The Number of Available Medicare Advantage Plans Increases

Great news – the number of Medicare Advantage plans available in the U.S. has increased 13% over the last year according to data reported by the American Association for Medicare Supplement Insurance. Currently, there are 3,500 Medicare Advantage (MA) plans across the nation, which is up over 400 plans since the year 2020. The average […]

Why Health Insurance is More Affordable for Families on the ACA

The Biden Administration and Congress have made health insurance more affordable for millions of families by one specific and necessary shift: eliminating the so-called family glitch, which prohibited family members from enrolling in marketplace plans with lower premiums and cost sharing because one member of the family has an offer of “affordable” employer coverage. The […]