An Analogy for the company’s we choose to work with!

Earlier this week I was working with a client talking about Florida Life Insurance. The question came up as to why our agency works with some companies which may be more expensive then others.

This was my response:

Why do people buy so many Toyota’s and no the cheaper model that is out there?  Would it be because it has more features, seems to have fewer problems, offer the peace of mind and security that you want from something that protects your loved ones when they need it most.  What about good service and low mainteance?  And what if there is a problem.  Don’t you want a company you know will stand behind their product and whatever they need to do what is best for the consumer.  A car company that gives you the most bang for your buck without spending more than you need to.   Well that is exactly the guidelines we look for when we choose the companies we choose.

Not always the cheapest but the most bang for your buck.  The company we know will do what is right for their clients and the companies we can get things done with if things need to get done.

In other words, for the companies I was discussing with this client, the more expensive term company also provided more flexibility to both their term coverage and Return of Premium term products that other companies do not.

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