All health insurance policies have exclusions

Never assume that a health insurance policy covers everything. That’s not the case.

“When buying Florida health insurance, you want to make sure you know everything that is included in the policy for the simple reason that if you don’t check, you might get a nasty surprise later when you need coverage you thought you had, but don’t,” said Evan Tunis of Florida Health Care Insurance, of Delray Beach, Florida.

It’s a smart move to make sure you completely understand coverage issues and it saves you those embarrassing moments in a doctor’s office trying to figure out why they are billing far more than expected or why something that you thought was covered is not.

“Why should you be aware of what is in the four corners of your insurance policy? Right now, the economy is not that stable and as a net result, many carriers have modified their plans. That means existing policies might not be applicable any longer. This is one of the questions you need to ask your Florida health insurance agent,” Tunis said.

There are some things that savvy health insurance shoppers will want to know before making a final purchase. For instance, every policy has exclusions. That bears repeating – every policy has exclusions and they do not cover everything. Most carriers will provide the exclusion list and name the services not covered. “Make sure you read this and understand it,” Tunis said. “Some of the excluded options may include home care, convenience products (e.g. humidifiers), nursing care, elective abortion procedures and reconstructive or aesthetic cosmetic surgery. Yes, you can reduce the number of exclusions, but you would then be paying a higher premium,” he said.

Other ways to find affordable Florida health insurance are to try managed care plans. This is another option you might want to ask an insurance agent about. They have information on these types of plans, and the advice on what might be best to choose is free. “Or, have the insurance agent tailor plans to your family or individual needs and work to your budget. It can be done because the agent knows where to look and which carriers to choose,” Tunis said.

And last, but not least, do some comparison-shopping, but always use the same health information every time a Florida health insurance quote is requested. That way, there’s an accurate comparison of prices across the board.

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