A Few Common Myths About Florida Health Insurance

Through out my work week I often here several myths that I always try to make my clients be aware of.  While I could spend all day at this I will only speak of the 1o that are most common.

1.   Since I am on a group plan my pre-existing conditions have to be covered!   FALSE.

If you are going from a group plan to an individual plan you will indeed have to go through underwriting.  Underwriting will look at your medical records and then make an evaluation if coverage will be offered.

2.  Every insurance carrier uses the same underwriting guidelines.  FALSE

Every carrier evaluates certain conditions quite differently.  Some use rate-ups, others exclusions.  This why it is  vital to speak with a licensed agent to make sure you know the underwriting for a particular carrier.

3.  I can be singled out for a rate increase if I am diagnosed with a pre-existing condition.  FALSE

Every carrier has rate increases each year but none raise rates simply due to a recent diagnosis.

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