2018 Health Insurance Rates for Florida

As we approach open enrollment 2018 we wanted to review a few of the options available for Floridians’ specifically in South Florida.

Let’s end the charade-the ACA in 2018 has become unaffordable for everyone who is not getting government assistance for their premium.  This year alone Florida Blue and AvMed have increased their rates by close to 80%!

But have the premium increases come with better benefits?  Nope and in AvMed’s case the network has been reduced to just Dade, Broward and Palm Beach County.

What are your options now?

Well that’s where we come in.  From group, individual, short term, international we have the solution to whatever silly rate you are seeing.  If your healthy there is no reason to pay 1/3 of your income to for a cruddy insurance plan.